Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monster Girl #3: Undersea Demonfish Princess

This is the Undersea Demonfish Princess, designed by Pennicandies.
You can see the original design in this tumblr post. NSFW warning: TITS and nips!

This is the 3rd girl I sculpted, but didn't finished her until I've finished with Cleophidia.

I hadn't give the surface treatment on this sculpt. You can see all the uneven surface. This is why you need to have rakes and loop tools, folks. I have trouble rendering a nose-less character in wax. The different shades of wax seen here is because I ran out of wax after making the torso and the next batch of wax that I made have a lighter shade. I wished I took more care on making the abdomen eyes. Here it looks like something other than an eye.

 photo MGM2013-03.jpg

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