Monday, November 4, 2013

Monster Girl #7: Taurus Colette

"Look guys! It's Colette with horns!"

If you haven't read Psuedefolio's /co/ventures, you owe it to yourself to go and read it.
This started out as a Colette sculpt, but since I need to make a Monster Girl Month post, I need to make a monster girl. A couple of horns later, this came to be. It's a bit lazy I grant you that. But I kinda like 'horny' Colette.

 photo MGM2013-07.jpg

Monster Girl #6: 4mal's Big Titania Faery

This was a speed sculpt challenge I did on the paint chat.
The character was designed by 4maldehyde. I've included the sketch of the character below.
 photo bigtitania-4ma.png

The sculpt was done in roughly 30 minutes using my softest wax (MwaxZ E). I changed the pose a bit from the sketch to give her more character. In my mind she is the older sister-scientist/librarian type. I really like the design of this unnamed (at the time of this post) character, and would consider making a full body-mini-figure of her in the near future *hint*hint*.

 photo MGM2013-06.jpg

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monster Girl #3: Undersea Demonfish Princess

This is the Undersea Demonfish Princess, designed by Pennicandies.
You can see the original design in this tumblr post. NSFW warning: TITS and nips!

This is the 3rd girl I sculpted, but didn't finished her until I've finished with Cleophidia.

I hadn't give the surface treatment on this sculpt. You can see all the uneven surface. This is why you need to have rakes and loop tools, folks. I have trouble rendering a nose-less character in wax. The different shades of wax seen here is because I ran out of wax after making the torso and the next batch of wax that I made have a lighter shade. I wished I took more care on making the abdomen eyes. Here it looks like something other than an eye.

 photo MGM2013-03.jpg

Monster Girl Month catch up post! Cleophidia the gorgon

October has passed and so to has Monster Girl Month.
I failed in updating this blog with the sculpt that come from it, so in the next several posts I'll share them all with you guys. Enjoy!

This is the 4th Entry for Monster Girl Month. Cleophidia the gorgon. She was designed by a friend in the paint chat. The challenge for this sculpt is making the hair. She has short curly hair, and for the longest time I was stumped on how to render it in wax. Fortunately, I've come across Mark Newman's afro hair tutorial. I modify the technique a bit for this sculpt. The result was better than I expected, thought it could use some more polish.

More post in in the coming days!

. photo MGM2013-04.jpg

Friday, November 1, 2013


A sculpting webminar from one of my sculpting hero, Erick Sosa. If you are interested in sculpting, spare the time and watch this.