Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Figure keying

Sebuah video tentang cara membuat sistem 'kunci-gembok' setelah memotong figur per bagian. Walau dalam bahasa jepang, gambar yang ditayangkan mudah dipahami. Dapat diterapkan pada hampir segala jenis bahan seperti wax (MwaxZ) dan epoxy putty (MpoxZ).

A video about keying a figure after cutting it in to parts. Even though it's in Japanese, the picture is easy to undertsand. This method can be used with almost every material, such as wax (MwaxZ) and epoxy putty (MpoxZ).

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Workshop Recast dan sculpting


I will be doing a workshop on mold making, casting and probably a little sculpting this weekend. If you're interested and are in the area, please drop by.  Also this is the last regular English post for this blog. I will post in Bahasa Indonesia from the next post onwards. Thank you for all my international readers. I will do a dual language post for special occasion, the upcoming and updated "Let's make an anime figure" for example.

So, stay tuned dan Selamat berkarya!