Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pandevi 5aga figurine project: Bima WIP02

I've completed sculpting Bima for my Pandevi 5aga line.
I only need to sand her down and spray a coat of primer before painting her up.

I've learned much from sculpting at such a small scale. Mostly patience and a LOT of delicate needle work. All in all I'm happy with the result. Even if I think that I could do better, it's best to just finish it up and work on another piece (Arjuna). I'll update on the painting process as I go along.

More pictures after the jump!

I don't have my light tent set up so sorry for the crappy pictures. I'll retake them in the future.

Bima 3 inch figurine sculpted in MpoxZ epoxy putty 1/5 Bima 3 inch figurine sculpted in MpoxZ epoxy putty 2/5 Bima 3 inch figurine sculpted in MpoxZ epoxy putty 3/5 Bima 3 inch figurine sculpted in MpoxZ epoxy putty 4/5 Bima 3 Inch figurine sculpted in MpoxZ epoxy putty 5/5

On another note:
Sorry for the delay of the Arjuna follow-along article. Just stay with me on this. I'll get it done soon.

Happy sculpting everyone!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Small announcement and more sculpting video!

The Arjuna Follow-along will be up later tonight. Sorry for the delay.

***Update*** It seems the follow through will have to wait until tomorrow. I need to take more pictures and write more stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, more sculpting video from YouTube!!

First up it's Philippe Faraut. He's a great sculptor. I really dig his style and approach in making portraits. Still need to find his book though. Be sure to check his channel and site out.

Speaking of approach. Here's one for a full figure sculpt. No armature needed. I've personally tried this and it's pretty awesome when using wax. You do need to have a firm grasp of anatomy and proportion though.

And the last one for today is about wood carving. What that got to do with making a figure? you asked. Well, for those of you who use poly putty as a medium, you know you need to carve. This is a great demo to show how the process is done. Meke sure you check his series on woodcarving 101. It's great stuff.

Happy sculpting everyone!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random sculpting: Amber from shortpacked

Here's Amber from David Willis' web comic Shortpacked.

It's sorta like a sketch, do it fast, do it accurate, and capture the likeness. Haven't decide will I going to finished it or not. She's about 5" tall and was done using my new Soft MwaxZ formula. It's true what Tony Cipriano said, that making a sculpture/statue from a 2d character is more difficult. I still need to practice more.

 Amber figurine or mini statue WIP done in soft modeling wax

On another note, the Arjuna "tutorial" will start on Friday, so be sure to wait for that.
Until then, happy sculpting!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bima 3" WIP photos

Whats this?! an update and no Toph!?
Well just be patient now. It wont be long :)

This time it's a blast from the past for me. Early in this blog's life I posted about a figure of Arjuna and Bima. My own perception of the characters from the Pandawa stories. That was almost 2 years ago. Now I revisited that Idea and am gonnga try making complete figures for them.. in miniature size. Well, not your regular miniature size anyway.

So first up is Bima in all of her 3" glory. Her bio in in the works and I'll be posting it with the finished painted sculpt soon.
Here's a peek at what has been done so far

Bima 3

She's sculpted entirely out of my home made epoxy putty called MpoxZ. Cures fast and rock hard. The next character I'm going to make is Arjuna. There are a total of 5 figures in this line, and I'll be keeping you updated on each one (and Toph... and Ty lee too). So stay tuned!

Cheers everyone!

Monday, September 15, 2008

For my Indonesian readers!

I've created an Indonesian multiply page for Midztoyz!

You can access the page at
There will be exclusive content there, and you can even buy stuff there, like my homemade waxes and epoxy putty.

Be sure to drop by!

More sculpting videos from Youtube

Yep an update!
Sadly it's not about any of my projects. Sorry about that.

Here's a video about decanting a spray paint to use with your airbrush. A nifty trick to learn if you paint your own kits.
There are 2 parts of this Video. As usual I only post the first one, you need to go to the channel to view the other one.

Now this is video series is the shiznit! Do visit Studioworkx channel at Youtube. If you're a miniature sculptor, or interested in seeing a miniature sculptor work, then this is the place.

Here is the first part of a 15 parts series on sculpting a Frogdemon from start to finish using epoxy.

More info on my ongoing projects soon..
Happy sculpting!